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  • Is every day at your office "Take our Daughters to Work Day"?
    Are there Legos under your desk?
    Is your coffee pot the most used appliance in your home?
    Then you're a WAHM, and this is your magazine.
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  • iVillage work from home
  • Lizard Lodge: Working--AP Home and Small Business
  • At Home Parenting Misc.kids Frequently Asked Questions
  • Home Income Producing Parents
    Welcome to the Home Page of HIPP, Home Income Producing Parents and Peter and Heidi Grady. This site is dedicated to helping parents who want to stay home and raise their children, but still need two incomes. HIPP hopes to support parents interested in reaching this goal. Our aim is to supply parents with valuable links, information and professional assistance regarding, but not limited to, parenting, home based businesses, personal finances, home management and budgeting.
  • WorkinMoms Homebased and Small Business Resource Center
    You Can Work From Home!  Hi! I've been a work at home mom for 9 years now. I'm not saying it's easy! I am saying it can be done! If you are truly committed to working from home, following are some work at home opportunities and links to small business resources that can help you make working from home a reality.
  • The Parents at Home Page
    With all of the excellent opportunities available to women today, many are choosing to devote their skills and intelligence to raising their children full-time. Some men are also choosing this avenue. This site is especially for (but certainly not limited to) those parents who are foregoing full-time paid employment outside the home in order to raise their children. It is also for those that work for pay within the home and those that stagger their work hours in order to have a parent at home, as well as for those considering staying home! This is a place where parents can gain support for their decision to stay home.

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