• SAH-AP Mailing List - A support & information forum for full time moms or dads parenting in ways which promote attachment between parent and child.
  • HomeBirth Mailing List - This forum is for anyone who is interested in supporting and learning about homebirth.
  • Growing On AP - This discussion list is for parents who have children who are at least near puberty (and beyond).  It is very important that this list be based on the continuation of attachment parenting practices that were geared for maximum bonding experiences.
  • Attachment Parenting Book Discussion List - A forum for discussion of parenting books, discipline books, pregnancy books, children's literature, etc. from an attachment parenting perspective.
  • Pregnancy and Attachment Parenting Mailing List - PGAP welcomes anyone interested in natural pregnancy and birth, breastfeeding, attachment parenting, conception, and infant care.
  • AP-BIZ Mailing List - Net community of families who are self-employed, freelancers, home-based workers, business owners, entrepreneurs to carry out our commitment to attachment parenting.
  • Taking Children Seriously - The Taking Children Seriously list is a forum for the discussion of non-coercive child-rearing/education theory and practice, and for the support of parents trying to make their interactions with their children non-coercive.
  • Unassisted Childbirth List - UCBirth email list is for anyone at all interested in unassisted if you have questions, stories, comments or ideas, we would love for you to share.
  • Continuum Concept List - Continuum Concept enthusiasts use this medium to discuss a wide range of topics related to Liedloff's book.
  • Natural Diapering Mailing List - The main focus will be cloth diapering, but other alternatives, such as elimination timing may also be discussed. Possible subjects include favorite brands of diapers and covers, how to switch from disposables to cloth, environmental impact of one-use diapers vs. cloth or other alternatives, traveling with cloth diapers, and more.
  • Parenting As a Ministry - Christian Parenting e-mail support group. The typical group member would be an Evangelical Christians who is a member of La Leche League (or at least a person who either agrees with both philosophies or is quite comfortable with both).
  • Home-Ed Mailing List - This mailing list is for the discussion of all aspects and methods of home education. These include the "unschooling" approach, curricula-based home-schooling, and others. The list is currently unmoderated and welcomes everyone interested in educating their children at home, whatever the reasons.
  • Parent-L - The Parent-l List is a forum for discussing issues related to breastfeeding and parenting the nursing baby or child. There is somewhat of an emphasis on extended nursing and attachment parenting, but all experiences are considered valid and supported.

Compiled by Karen Henderson


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