Email Tips:

  • Q. This list generates a LOT of mail every day. What suggestions do you have for keeping on top of it?

    A. There are several ways you can do this:
    • Sort by subject: Within your email inbox, you can click on the subject bar and have it sort the posts alphabetically by subject. This is helpful if you are interested in a particular thread or topic and you check your mail once or twice a day.
    • Filters: Some email programs have the capability to allow you to set up filters which automatically sort your email into folders of a certain subject. Eudora, Netscape, Microsoft mailers, and some web-based email providers have this capacity. AOL does not. This may be a good option for those who can’t check mail every day.
    • Filtering: The following email programs will allow you to sort by Subject. It would be easiest to sort sah-ap email by choosing to filter by the Subject Header containing [SAH-AP].
      • Eudora: Filter options are found under the Special menu.
      • Netscape: Filter options are found under the Edit menu.
      • Microsoft: First click on Tools. Filtering rules can be defined by clicking on Inbox Assistant.
    • Digest: It may be better for you to receive only a few, large emails per day in which case you will want to switch to the digest format.  This is a large document made up of about 20-30 individual posts.
      To receive the digest format, visit: to change your subscription to Digest.
    • Frequent, quick checks: Some find it easier to check their email several times a day for a short time in order to keep up. This way 50-100 messages do not go unread until the end of the day when they may seem overwhelming.
    • The delete key: This can be used in combination with all of the above. If you find a post that holds no interest for you, feel free to delete and move on quickly. Sometimes you may want to delete an entire thread if you are especially pressed for time.

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  • Q. What do I do if I go away for the weekend and don’t want to have 500 emails when I return?

    You can set your computer to "no mail" while you are gone or if you just need to take a break from the list for a while.  Visit: to set your subscription to nomail.

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  • Q. What is the difference between sending posts to and sending listserv commands to

    The address is shared by all subscribers to the list. When you send a message to, all of the people on the list will receive the message. Do not send list commands to since the subscribers that share this email address cannot execute the command. The address is an address that belongs to the server. Sending list commands to this address will notify the server to automatically execute the command. This address is set so that it understands only valid list commands. If you would like a list of commands available to you, send the server email at In body of message, type: help

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  • Q. How do I subscribe to and unsubscribe from the sah-ap list?

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  • Q. I’ve never been on a list before. Are there any rules I should know about aside from having Good Manners?

    In addition to the below "Rules of Netiquette", here are a few more pointers:
    • Please post an introduction of yourself if you’d like to join in the discussion. We enjoy meeting new members and hearing from all different perspectives.
    • Don’t use all capitals for emphasis. In cyberspace it means you’re shouting. Use asterisks around the emphasized part.
    • Please recognize the limitations of email as a communication media. Remember that when reading other’s words you are not getting any other non-verbal information such as tone of voice, facial expression, etc.  Misreadings and misunderstandings are common. Please do not seek to offend, and choose to not take offense.
    • Please keep privacy issues in mind when quoting someone or revealing their name or   situation on this list or any other lists.  If an issue hasn't been publicly posted to this list, permission should be obtained before relating their name, situation, etc.  When replying to private email from other list members, always double check the email address it is going to - don't just blindly send to the whole list.
    • Please do not give out medical advice. It is appropriate to share your *personal* experience. It is appropriate to support your personal experience with references.
    • People often use abbreviations on this list. The definitions here are provided for your comprehension. It is not required that you use any abbreviations in your posts, though you may find it convenient in deciphering messages.

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Email netiquette:

  • It is very important that you turn off your Rich Text, Stylized Text, Fancy Text, etc. options.  Many people cannot read these advanced formats. For those that can't, they receive an attachment. The attachment is often interpreted within the email as several lines of garble.  The attachment ALWAYS does this in digest format which is probably very annoying to some digest users. Before sending email to the list, be sure your settings are set so that you are transmitting Plain Text. .
  • Please refrain from trivial responses (usually characterized by being 1-2 lines long). Examples of trivial responses: "Me too!" "Ha, Ha!" "I was wondering that too." "Thanks!" "Congratulations!". These are probably appropriate if sent only to the original poster, but unless such responses are accompanied by some further elaboration, this adds quite a bit to overall list volume.
  • Don't quote the entire post when mailing a follow-up note. It is rarely needed since most people have seen the original. Instead, quote some of the article to which your are replying -- enough to keep context. Failure to edit the post you are replying to will make Digest reading extremely difficult.
  • Please change the subject header if you are changing the topic. Like offline conversations, mailing list threads sometimes take turns away from their original subject. This is normal, but if you find yourself posting a message that no longer has anything to do with the original subject, take the time to change the subject header of your message to something more appropriate.
  • Don't post "virus warnings" to the list. These are always hoaxes no matter what the warning says.
  • Don't send attached files to the list; you don't want to be the stranger who sends a file to someone who didn't ask for it (let alone a few hundred people who didn't ask for it.) Remember also that some people may still be paying for their e-mail per minute, may not have the ability to decode attached binary files, or may simply not have the time to download a file.
  • If you will be away from your email account for an extended period, please set yourself to nomail. Most people have a limited amount of disk space to store email. Once that space if full, the email being sent to you will bounce back to the owner of the message. The Listowner for sah-ap will receive 100 bounced messages a day in her email box if your email box is full. If the full mail box is not resolved within 24 hours, the Listowner may have to remove you from the list until you can clear your email box. If you want to be added to the list again, just send a subscription request to the server address.
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Critical Issues:

Q. What if someone posts about something really scary or horrible, such as they are physically afraid of their spouse, or ready to "end it all"? What if I suspect someone is beating her kids, or she posts that she is in a rage and might do bodily harm to someone?

A. Sah-ap or does not have a policy regarding critical issues. The crisis belongs solely to the person posting about the crisis. Any kind of crisis intervention belongs solely to the individual making the decision to help. The sah-ap list and the owners of are not responsible for the content of critical posts nor are they responsible for any action taken as a result of an individual sah-ap subscriber.

You might read something on the list that makes you want to scream "NO! Don't!" or might alarm you into calling the police (of course, this would be the exception). No one can prevent you, but you might first want to consider the reception of such a comment, and the possible effect that reaction would have on the list member.

The following resources might provide additional help for someone who has a pressing personal issue, or indeed a bonafide crisis:


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Special thanks to Dionne Schetzel for collecting the information for this page!


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